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Stava - the first food delivery franchise in Europe!

Open your own Stava branch and earn money on food deliveries

  • The service many restaurants were waiting for
  • No competition
  • Low start up investment
  • Profitability practically from the beginning
  • Contracts with big restaurant chains

Stava - franchise

What we do?

We help restaurants develop their business by running food deliveries, reducing delivery management to just a few taps on a tablet. We take care of managing drivers, vehicles and monitoring deliveries. We ensure low costs and quick delivery times.

They trusted us:

Franchise Stava is

a unique business opportunity

The possibility to open a Stava branch has only been available since March 2017. Our franchisees are granted area exclusivity, covering a city or its district. We receive many inquiries from potential franchisees across the country every day – check if your area is still available!

  • Area exclusivity – only one branch in a city or district
  • A dedicated IT system reduces the costs of running a branch by at least 50%
  • The longest running gastro-courier network in Poland
  • We have made millions of deliveries

Stava has such an excellent IT system, a staff of people who are constantly improving it, that it was impossible to pass by indifferently. Stava is the future of food deliveries.

Robert Pruchnicki, franchise branch of Stava Rzeszów

I've been running the company on my own for a year. After familiarizing myself with Stava's offer, I've decided to cooperate with them. After a few days I am positively surprised by the better functioning of my branch.

Kamil Malewski, franchise branch of Stava Legnica

Rafał Jaźwiński, franchise branch of Stava Białystok

The support I received from Stava has exceeded my wildest expectations. I have been in talks with other franchise companies before, the scope of cooperation is incomparable.

Maciej Nowak, franchise branch of Stava Opole

There's no point in kicking in an open door. Behind Stava stands years of experience and several hundred thousand deliveries. It is a well-developed business model, refined in detail and fully quantifiable.

Instead of opening yet another restaurant in your city, enter the market as the first B2B food delivery service provder.

Stava in media

Gastro-couriers is an idea for a business under the Stava brand. The company relieves restaurants of the need to deliver meals to customers. -

Franchise like never before. The key to the success of the STAVA service is a centrally managed courier fleet and a proprietary IT system. - Pomysły na biznes

The option to deliver food to your home is popular in both large cities and smaller towns. -

The food in delivery segment currently accounts for about 5% of the market worth 25 billion PLN, according to Stava, a company with its own fleet of couriers, which specializes in the execution of such orders for restaurants. - Puls Biznesu

They found a niche in the market and went for it. Today they sell franchises of their idea, and the interest has exceeded the expectations of its creators. - Rzeczpospolita, the largest business daily in Poland

On average, a Pole pays about 56 PLN for an ordered meal with delivery. We usually buy food on weekends, the most often chosen dish is pizza, and orders are usually placed by phone. What else does Stava report about the food delivery market? - Onet

Paweł Aksamit, CEO of Stava, says (...): The number of orders depends very much on the day of the week. -

These three companies are driving major changes in the catering market. Although according to Stava's research, the segment of meals with delivery is only 5% of the whole market (whose value the same report estimates at PLN 25 billion), it is growing twice as fast as the food "on the spot". - Polityka

More and more restaurants are giving up their own meal suppliers and deciding to cooperate with a professional courier company delivering take-away dishes. - SuperExpress

Stava, a company based in Opole, enters Białystok and will operate restaurants, bars and pizzerias, delivering orders to their clients. -

In a month, 150-180 people interested in franchising come to us. The 2018 schedule provides for the opening of 10 new branches. Taking into account that we already have reservations for opening dates even for June 2018, it is a chance that the plan will be realized. -

Stava is the first franchise in Europe in the food delivery industry. The services offered by Stava franchisees help restaurants develop their business on the basis of deliveries, reducing the delivery to just a few clicks on the tablet. -

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Detailed information about the processing of your personal data you will find here.

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